Big Boy Bedroom Makeover…Part II. The Action

As you may know from my last post, I’ve embarked on transforming Nate’s room into a ‘Big Boy Bedroom’ for his 5th birthday.  WOW!  What a job it is!  The planning is all done (read about that here), and now it’s time to get to work!

Here’s a little reminder of Nate’s room before the makeover… in all it’s glory!  (Insert surprise eyed emoji here!)

Kids room makeover before

Kid;s bedroom makeover before



I emptied Nate’s room of the majority of the furniture and left only what needed to be painted, and got into it….


The first job was to organise the paint… which just happens to be pretty easy when your friend owns the local hardware store!  Thanks Stace!

My shopping list went something like this.

-Haymes ‘Whitewash’  and ‘Copen Blue ’in a low sheen acrylic finish for the walls

-Haymes ‘Whitewash’ in an acrylic enamel finish  for the door, skirting boards, window sills, toybox and bed

-Haymes ‘Tyler’s truck’ acrylic enamel for the bookshelf.

-Haymes prepcoat primer for the bookshelf

-rollers, brushes, masking tape

I don’t know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with painting.  I start a room full of excitement, but within an hour or two, I’m OVER IT!  The end result is always worth the shoulder ache though… it’s amazing the transformation a coat of paint can give!  Painting Nate’s room was a massive job!  Painting the toy box and bed was really quite easy.  The bookshelf was very fiddly, getting to all the corners.  BUT the walls… oh my gosh… the walls!  Not only do those wooden battens look super ugly – but they ALL need to be painted with a brush, as the roller just won’t cover it!  Thank goodness my Mum came to the rescue (thanks Mum, you’re the best!) and within a few days (in between wrangling the 3 kids) we had the room painted.  I have a few little tips for painting, which I will share another day, but they involve glad wrap and bin liners!





There’s lots of blank wall space in Nate’s room, so I decided to use his May & Belle World to Wander canvas map as the starting point for a gallery wall.  I also used a photo that his ‘Uncle Snoop’ took of him on his motorbike, and then filled in the gaps with some printed posters, some designed by me and others downloaded for free from the net.  (The quality is nowhere near the amazing quality of the prints from Miles & Tate or Bon Maxie that I have used for other areas of the room, but they fill the gap nicely).  Here’s a little video of how I went about putting the gallery wall together, but basically I used newspaper as a template to stick to the walls with bluetak before I committed to nails, tapes and 3M picture hangers.



Ever have those moments where you can’t wait to start a project, and within 20 minutes it has all turned to crap hit a slight snag?!  (Tell me it’s not just me!)  This was (initially) one of those times.  I bought some white floating shelves from a hardware store, rounded up hubby and we got to work….  But the shelves just wouldn’t attach properly to the walls.  The walls are old and the wall anchors would not go in nicely.  The end result was a saggy shelf….  Devastated!  I just couldn’t leave it like that… I knew I would look at that shelf every day and it would bug me.  I took the shelf down, wrestled the wall anchors out, puttied up the holes and repainted.  What a waste of a few hours!  NOT happy!

As much as I love living in the country, the one problem is that you can’t just ‘pop down’ and grab a new set of shelves.  The next time we went to the city (weeks later) we looked around Ikea and decided shelves with proper brackets underneath would work much better for Nate’s room.  We purchased the Ekby Valter bracket and Ekby Jarpen shelf and got some good quality hardware from Master’s builders (how convenient they are right next to each other in Adelaide!)

These brackets went up so much easier, and the end result is PERFECT!  The black shelf looks much better than the white too, so I’m super happy!  The hubby has mentioned quite a few times… “Those shelves DO look really good!”  – admiring his handy work!  Well done hubby!

Ikea shelves


Nate is obsessed with Lego, and I think Lego is a great hobby to have.  (Watch out, here comes the teacher in me, but… creativity, fine motor skills, logic, problem solving, following instructions…I could go on and on).  However… Nate’s Lego strewn from one end of his room to the other was DOING my head in!  Nate has a Lego head container and another large container for storage, but as his collection has grown, it is overflowing!  I headed to Pinterest (as always) for some inspiration and made another Ikea purchase of the Trofast frame and drawers.  I’ll post a few more details on this little Ikea hack another day too!

Needless to say, Nate LOVES his ‘Lego table’.  He has spent hours and hours at it, he finds it easy to find the bits he needs, and best of all…his Lego is ‘reasonably’ contained! WIN WIN!

Lego table


The toybox in Nate’s room was once a feature in his Aunty’s bedroom…so it’s probably pushing 30 years old!  It had certainly seen better days, the top was torn and the timber was that lovely orange colour.  I painted the wooden part with Haymes acrylic enamel in ‘Whitewash’.  This finish is great for furniture pieces like this because it’s easy to wipe off sticky finger prints etc.  I also ordered some cotton twill from to recover the top.  I am certainly no upholstery master, so I just put the fabric in place and used a few tacks to hold it there – so far so good!

Toybox painted


Nate’s bed is yet another hand-me-down that we’ve had for years and years.  It is actually a great bed, and I love having the extra storage in the drawers underneath.  I painted the bed with Haymes ‘Whitewash’ in acrylic enamel.  I could’ve chosen any colour, but to save on money, I thought I could just use the same paint for the window frames, skirting boards, door, toybox and bed.

Kids bed painted


Be sure to stay tuned for the final reveal, where I will include some DISCOUNT CODES exclusive to Chasing Spring readers for some awesome small businesses and their fabulous products that I have used when styling Nate’s room!


If you are thinking of giving your child’s bedroom a makeover, be sure to take time for careful planning!  Achieving an awesome room that your child loves starts with a great plan.  For some great tips, read my FREE GUIDE ‘Top 5 Tips for Planning a Kid’s Room Makeover’ delivered straight to your inbox… just pop your email address below.

Is your child’s room in need of a makeover?  I’d love to hear how you go transforming your space!  Feel free to comment below, or reach out on social media.

See you next time…Keep Chasing…

J x


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Kid's bedroom makeover

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