Big Boy Bedroom Makeover… Part III. The Reveal

Woohoo!  It’s done!  My big boy officially has a Big Boy Room!  It’s been a long journey from the initial planning stages, through to all the hard work of painting, hanging and making.  The final (and fun) stage is now done, and all the finishing touches have been added to the room.  I have created a room that Nate absolutely loves, with Lego, beagles, cows, football, farming, superheroes and motorbikes all featuring in the final look of the room.  Not only does it look great, but it’s completely practical… there’s room for all of Nate’s things to be stored away, and also plenty of room for him and his sisters to play, create and use their imagination.  I’ve joined forces with some AHH-MAZING small business gals in this makeover, and if you keep reading, there are some special offers just for Chasing Spring readers…  (go on keep scrolling!)

Boys bedroom makeover

Gallery wall kids bedroom makeover

I am a big supporter of shopping small wherever I can.  The quality of products that you buy from a small biz always surpasses that of the mass produced, and the whole buying experience is different!  Products come beautifully packaged with cute handwritten notes, and you can just feel that the maker has put a little piece of their heart into your purchase!  I had the privilege of using lots of small biz products in Nate’s room makeover, and I just love that they add to the individuality of the room!  These small biz gals were amazingly supportive, and they have kindly offered DISCOUNT CODES to use in their online stores, just for Chasing Spring readers!  WOOHOO!  Thanks so much girls!!  Scroll on through all the photos, GET INSPIRED, and at the end of the post you will find all the details you will need including links to these amazing stores, their products and the discounts codes!  Happy shopping!

Feature wall kids bedroom
A place to read, rest and relax…


Boys bedroom makeover with navy blue feature wall
Navy blue feature wall with some amazing small biz products
Painted bookshelf
The original bookshelf was painted orange (Nate’s request!)


Wall hooks and wall art
Wall hooks and cute wall art and prints
Beagle wall art
…because who doesn’t love a cute Beagle!? (The details in this print are seriously amazing!)
Kids room Ikea shelf
A mix of Nate’s special things, including his Dad’s footy, our beloved beagle Charlie and a book ‘Nate the Great’ a gift from a special friend…. along with a Cow Skull print, and THAT car!
Create a gallery wall on a budget
A gallery wall was created using a world map, large photo and printable wall art


free printable wall art
Unless… a fav quote from a fav book ‘The Lorax’
Wall art free printables
Kid, you’ll move mountains!
Personal photos
Nate’s favourite photos from our farm… no need to frame, just pop in a clip board
Big boy bed decor
Personalised pillows and cushions in monochrome tones
Personalised cushion
The attention to detail on small biz products in ahhhh-mazing!
Wall hooks
Wall hooks…the perfect mix of style and function!
Artwork in poster hanger
Nate’s artwork hanging pretty in a Lecky poster hanger… that’s a picture of ME by the way! Cute aren’t I!?
Lego table
Lego storage table, a place to store, create, play and learn
Lego storage table
The lego storage table is played with… often before we get out of our PJs!
Lego storage table
Labels keep the lego (semi) organised!
Boys room decor
Some of the amazing small biz products


Miles and Tate Personalised Name Cushion and Tribal Cow Skull Print

Use code CHASING10 to save 10% off store wide.

Little Bambino Bear Bolt Cushion 

Use code CHASING 10 to save 10% off store wide.

Lucas Loves Cars  Automoblox Blue S9 Sedan

Use code Chasing10 for 10% off.  Expires 30th June 2016… get to it!

Lecky Poster Hangers

Use code chasingspring to save 15% off store wide!  Expires 30th May 2016… be quick!

Shartruese Superhero Mask Wall Art

Use code CHASING10 to score 10% off store wide.

Eclectic Bambino  Storage Basket

Use code CHASING10 for 10% off storewide.  Expires Jan 2017

Grunge and Lace Custom Pillowcase

Use code CHASING10 for 10% off store wide!

Bon Maxie ‘Sound Hound’ Fine Art Print

Use code Chasing10 for 10% off store wide!

Knobbly  Wall Hooks

Use code CHASING10 for 10% off store wide.  Expires 30th June 2016, get in quick!

May and Belle ‘World to Wander’ canvas world map

Use code CHASING10 for 10% off store wide.

Zilvi Wall Art

Use code CHASING10 for 10% off store wide.  Be quick, expires 30th June 2016

Little Letter Lights Co.  ‘N’ Marquee light 



Ikea Trofast frame and drawers and Lego base plates (more details on this Ikea hack later!)

Haymes paints (read here for all the colours and finishes)

Ikea  Ekby Valter bracket and Ekby Jarpen shelf

Cotton twill from


If you are thinking of giving your child’s bedroom a makeover, be sure to take time for careful planning!  Achieving an awesome room that your child loves starts with a great plan.  For some great tips, read my FREE GUIDE ‘Top 5 Tips for Planning a Kid’s Room Makeover’ delivered straight to your inbox… just pop your email address below.

Is your child’s room in need of a makeover?  I’d love to hear how you go transforming your space!  Feel free to comment below, or reach out on social media.

See you next time…Keep Chasing…

J x


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Disclaimer:  I was not paid to blog about any of the products featured in this blog post, however I was given some free products.   All views and opinions are my own, and I truly believe in the quality of the products mentioned above.

The big reveal of my Big Boy's Bedroom Makeover, featuring some amazing small biz products, and several easy peasy DIY projects for you to try.

The big reveal of my Big Boy's Bedroom Makeover, featuring some amazing small biz products, and several easy peasy DIY projects for you to try.

The big reveal of my Big Boy's Bedroom Makeover, featuring some amazing small biz products, and several easy peasy DIY projects for you to try.

7 thoughts on “Big Boy Bedroom Makeover… Part III. The Reveal

  1. I need to have a hook for footy boots!

    Also really love that lego space. better than all over the floor.

    I bet Nate loves it. xx

    1. Thanks Helle, yes the lego space is great- many many hours spent there already! And the hook for footy boots has become a necessity after the ‘mystery of the ONE lost footy boot’ last weekend! Nate loves the whole room, and also loves playing with his new car… it doesn’t always get to sit peacefully on the shelf! xx

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