How to make over your living room in 3 days………… (jokes… more like 3 years!)

Our renos have been complete for over 2 years, but I’m still on a mission to ‘finish’ my living room.  While Scotty from The Block would have me believing this is totally doable in 3 days…  turns out ( for me at least) that’s a bit of a crock!  The budget (or perhaps the hubby 😉 ) is super tight, and living rurally means a quick trip to check out some rugs would be a 500km round trip – not going to happen!  So, here I am, plodding along, stalking Pinterest and Instagram at midnight and screenshotting 53,983 online shopping sites.  Am I the only one?


My latest mood board looks a little bit like this, which seems to be ever-evolving.. because… indecisive!  I’m using Style Sourcebook again for my mood boards.  Read all about them here.  The best bit is that I can go back and edit them as my ideas change!


My wish list looks a bit like this…

  • tan leather sofa
  • family photo above the fire place
  • rug
  • marble coffee table
  • floor lamp
  • moroccan style pouffe
  • new cushions
  • throw rug
  • greenery

We now have the sofa of our dreams, but realistically everything else needs a bit of a revamp.  I’ve decided that the current jute rug is making the room too ‘brown’, so I’m  thinking something lighter will freshen and lift  the space.  I’ve been lusting over marble top coffee tables since forever, and this West Elm Reeve beauty has me all 😍 .  The rest is a bit of a mix of industrial/boho style items, because, well… indecisive!


So, how do you makeover your living room in 3 days (months/years/whatever)…?

The first step in any makeover is to have a plan.  I know – super boring – but without a plan, you’re likely to buy things that just aren’t going to work… which is going to waste your hard earned $$$!

  1.  Start on Pinterest.  Go crazy!  Pin ALLthe living rooms.  Be adventurous at first, but then cull and refine your board to what you seriously love!
  2. Analyse your Pinterest board.  What things do your pins have in common?  Which interior style are you leaning towards?   Does your chosen style match your home?  What key pieces of furniture are there?  Can I use some existing pieces?
  3. Create a mood board – this is your plan!  Even if the items are out of your budget, add them anyway, to get an idea of how things look.  You can always hunt around for a cheaper substitute later (eg – armadillo rug… I love you… but at this stage you are just too exxy!)
  4. Set a budget and write your wish list.   Invest in the big ticket items – in a living room these will be your sofa, rug, artwork and coffee table.  These items need to stand the test of time… in both a ‘will the kids destroy it in 6 months?’ sense, but also in a ‘will this be sooo 2018 in 2 years?’ sense.   You can keep the space fresh and on trend with the smaller decorative items, that aren’t going to break the budget by replacing every year or two.

So, our sofa is in, and the budget is shot!  But because I just can’t help but make changes, my next stop is new cushions.  I’ve got my eye on some pretty ahhh-mazing ones… stay tuned!

Be sure to pop over to Style Source Book and have a go at creating a mood board for your next room revamp!  You can also check out  the Chasing Spring profile… I’m sure there will be more mood boards to come very soon!  If you create an awesome mood board, I’d love to hear about it… put a link below so I can check it out!

See you next time…Keep Chasing…

J x

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