3 ridiculously simple (and cheap) ways to style your kitchen

If you are a busy mum (like me), I’m going to guess your kitchen counter is ‘styled’ with appliances, a stack of dirty dishes, keys, phones, last week’s mail, homework books and perhaps a dirty sock or two!?  Kitchen styling is all about balance – style and function.  While completely bare counters can feel cold and uninviting, overflowing bench tops feel disorganised and chaotic.  It’s about striking a balance between the two that you are comfortable with.   Trends in kitchen styling at the moment include raw timber to bring warmth and texture,  clean and bright white, and pops of colour – mainly greenery.  If the clutter is getting overwhelming, and you’re dreaming of a calm, stylish yet functional space, then read on for a few tips which will absolutely be within your budget.


kitchen styling

1. Clear the clutter

Clear your benchtops of everything you don’t use on a regular (daily) basis.  Are there items that could be stored elsewhere?  Toasters, mix masters and other large appliances take up valuable space on countertops, and can most likely be stored in a larger cupboard and pulled out when needed.  Finding a ‘home’ for all the other bits and pieces (keys, phones, paperwork etc) will help to create a sense of calm.

Simple and cheap ways to style your kitchen. Start with clearing the clutter from your benchtops

Kitchen styling ideas. Bold tapware and simple accessories

2. Add some life

White kitchens are trending at the moment, but bringing a little piece of ‘greenery’ to your kitchen brings life and freshness.  Gorgeous and practical, herbs are the perfect addition to your kitchen benchtop.  Grow your favourites in cute little pots, or if you’re looking for a free option – old soup cans give a rustic farmhouse vibe, (just drill a few holes in the bottom for drainage).  Herbs are relatively cheap to purchase as small seedlings, but you can grow your own from cuttings for FREE!  (Read all about propagating your favourite herbs here) Indoor plants or vases with your favourite blooms or cuttings from the garden are also a great way to bring life to your kitchen.

Cheap and simple kitchen styling ideas. Layer chopping boards of different sizes, and add some fresh herbs to bring life to the kitchen

Kitchen styling 101... add some fresh foliage from your garden. Australian natives look lovely in a statement vase.


3. Get practical

Some of the best kitchen styling décor items are ones that are functional.  Tea and coffee canisters, your favourite utensils, vinegar and oil bottles, salt and pepper shakers – anything you use regularly and that looks beautiful can be used to style your kitchen.  Have a rustle through your cupboards for things that are gorgeous and practical.  Timber chopping boards are very on trend at the moment, particularly layering a few together.  Chopping boards come in a range of shapes, sizes and price ranges.  Here’s a few of my favourites at the moment…Kmart $10Ikea $6.95Target $12Freedom $39.95Temple & Webster $41.95

Free kitchen styling ideas - utensils in a glass jar, fresh herbs planted in old soup tins, and chopping boards

Kitchen styling guide. Use functional and stylish decor items like canisters and salt and pepper shakers


The number 1 rule to kitchen styling (and any styling ) is… “does it make YOU happy?”  Creating your sanctuary is about finding what works for you and brings you joy, in your home, within your budget.  I personally find clutter overwhelming.  It gets inside my head and stresses me out, so I try to keep the clutter in my kitchen to a minimum.  My kitchen is reasonably small, and is currently styled with chopping boards, fresh herbs and a vase of Australian natives from our garden.  That’s what works for me – cheap, simple and fresh.

Styling your modern farmhouse kitchen



{On a side note…. I’ve recently read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up:  The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising by Marie Kondo.  It’s all about how to declutter and organise your entire house… and life-changing it is!    I totally recommend reading it if you feel that clutter is taking over your life and you need to start living a simpler and more organised life.}

I’d love to hear your favourite ways of styling your kitchen… please feel free to comment below, or reach out on social media!

See you next time… Keep Chasing…


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Kitchen styling is all about finding a balance between style and function. Follow these 3 tips to de-clutter, bring life and get practical in your dream kitchen

Kitchen styling is all about finding a balance between style and function. Follow these 3 tips to de-clutter, bring life and get practical in your dream kitchen

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